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Chain of Custody

The Safe Harbor Systems chain of custody begins with protecting ownership and securing IT assets at our client’s location. This is a multi-staged process of audit, documentation and securing each item and container prior to the final certificate and reporting.

 Classification > Audit

                                  Securing> Audit

                                                         Collection> Audit

                                                                                   Validation> Audit

                                                                                                             Destruction > Audit

                                                                                                                                            Transfer of Ownership


Chain of custody by definition is the path or paper trail or chronological documentation and audit showing the change of control through receipt, ownership and possession. The results of Chain of custody reporting are intended to be documents of evidence for proof untampered change of custody. Chain of custody alone does not change ownership, this happens based on our transfer of liability and risk process within our contract language.

Chain of Custody

Safe Harbor Systems secure logistics and tracking abilities bring more to the table than just chain of custody.

Chain of Custody and Secure Logistics

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